Dr. Paul C Drago – Best Surgeon in Greenville, SC

After being extremely nicely at sports activities and sports like tri-athlete, basketball, football, racquet ball, scuba diving, golf, theater and jazz, what would you call someone who still do now not chose any of them as his career however a medical profession. I might in my opinion a person like this name a true passionate. And, so was Dr. Paul C Drago, a clinical expert who has understanding as ENT health care professional and plastic doctor.

Dr. Paul C Drago Greenville.PNG

Among with being the fine at sports activities, he was fantastic at studies too. He has won several scholarship packages in his undergraduate faculty and has been presented with many awards too. The health practitioner ambitiously chased his dreams to end up a medical expert and so he became. He treats his patients so well that once you go to Dr. Paul Drago, Greenville you may by no means have the need to exchange your physician except you may have to take into account some different professional.

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