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An Otolaryngology expert may fit with a group of clinical medical doctors in other scientific and surgical specialties. He is ready to start involved after up to 15 years of college and postgraduate schooling, and/or exceptional formalities. The ENT experts pursue in one of the seven subspecialty areas, which includes: pediatric otolaryngology, otology/neurology (ears and set of scales), allergy, plastic surgery, head and neck surgical operation, laryngology (throat) and rhinology (nose).

Dr. Paul C Drago is an ENT (ear nostril and throat) expert clinical medical doctor has a profound understanding of all of the physical systems and organs inside the neck and head. Dr. Paul C Drago, MD ENT experts characteristic the ear-aches, listening to loss, roughness, dizziness, adenoidectomies, and sinus disorder and tonsillectomies nosebleeds.

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Dr. Paul C Drago makes a professional of otolaryngology in Barnwell area. Dr. Paul C Drago, Greenville is the top notch health care professional similarly to MD has a systematic workout.

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